SBI PO Salary 2019: (in hand & Salary Slip) DA & PA Include

What is the SBI PO salary of an officer?

Understanding the regular payment and Compensation is very important similar to being attentive to the work profile. Knowing the technicalities beforehand not solely saves you from surprising surprises once connexion SBI however conjointly provides you with an additional come near designing your life consequently. (All about SBI PO salary information  and  help only in


SBI PO regular payment:

According to this year’s notification concerning SBI PO regular payment,

The SBI PO pay scale is `23700-980/7-30560-1145/2-32850-1310/7-42020 applicable to Junior Management Grade Scale-I.
Presently, the beginning of basic pay is `27,620/- (with four advance increments).

Not solely this, however, the official will be eligible for D.A, H.R.A/Lease rental, C.C.A, Medical and different allowances & perquisites as per rules good from time to time. Allowances might vary relying upon the place of posting.

Compensation :

The total compensation each year would be a minimum of `7.55 lakhs and most of `12.93 lakhs betting on a place of posting and different factors.
Also, SBI plans to supply good Compensation Package which might modify candidates an option to legalize specific

components of the earnings package
Important Doubts Regarding SBI PO Salary:

SBI PO salary

SBI PO salary

Will I get any salary during my Probation??

Yes, All elite candidates for officer position are going to be on a probation amount of 2 years. You will get a similar earnings given on top of throughout probation further.

Do I actually have to acquire coaching just like the case with numerous Manipal Courses??

No, not even a single penny. Instead, after you ar undergoing your schoolroom coaching, even then you will be getting the full salary. (LEARNING AND EARNING AT THE SAME TIME)

Will I actually get twelve lakhs Rs p.a. as earnings in hand??

Well, this is the most doubtful question. Not your in-hand earnings, but yes the total compensation can go upto 12 lakhs per annum which includes.

Your basic salary
Dearness Allowance
City Compensatory Allowance
Tax and PPF

Allowances :

Allowances like Petrol, Newspaper, Entertainment, Tea and Coffee.
Leased rent Accommodation (Or employees Quarter if out there at your home of posting).

Apart from the cost, the cost for other items varies from one place to place, and thus Compensation will come inside the bracket of 8-12 lakhs. Start Preparing for SBI PO Now!

Friends, this is often it for earnings associated allowance of an SBI PO. If you have got any queries relating to it, please raise America within the comments section below and that we are going to be glad to answer them for you.

The Gist :
The earnings varies as per the place of posting.
The in-hand earnings of associate SBI PO is around 36-37 thousand.

Allowances ar around 4-7 thousand, relying upon what proportion you claim and your branch manager approves.
Plus you get chartered accommodation, which implies you do not got to pay something as rent.

This is all that one ought to comprehend the earnings part of SBI provisional Officer. Below Image by bankersadda can describe the expansion Path of provisional Officer.

What is the earnings of associate SBI PO in hand?

I am just attaching a recent salary slip. An SBI po shall be acquired 41000–42000 in hand betting on the posting. Apart from this concerning 6000 per month for the newspaper, petrol, household etc.

Plus you’ll be obtaining the chartered accommodation of 14000 in town amd 8000 in rural. For metros 30000. Also, you get amusement allowance of Rs3125 fourfold in the associate year, that’s 12500.

The day you be a part of you’ll purchase a piece of furniture and natural philosophy worth 120000 and bank can pay for it. And conjointly pay you 11000 p.a. as a piece of furniture maintenance.

You can have a paid mobile up to Rs 500/month.Broadband with a ceiling of 600/month.You can buy a bucket etc price 2500/year.You get to travel 2ac for official functions. There is an inventory of certification exams that you’ll pass to urge 5000/exam.

You get all this to be in an exceedingly nice bank,to have the chance to serve such a large amount of individuals and create their lives easier

One more answer to the SBI PO salary of an officer:

SBI PO is one in every of the foremost liberally paid entry-level jobs within the entire banking sector further as normally. With a gross compensation of up to government agency twelve,93,000 each year, it’s little doubt that the SBI PO 2018 examinations attract countless candidates per annum.


In addition to paying incredible basic earnings, a personal operating as a SBI PO receives varied allowances that embrace costliness Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance, HRA or House Rent Allowance, Furniture Allowance, Medical Allowance, Travelling Allowance, Petrol Allowance, Newspaper Allowance, Entertainment Allowance, Briefcase Allowance, etc. With all these assumptions, the life of the SBI PO is well worth the money..

Although the compensations provided to SBI PO vary between the vary of government agency seven.55 lakh – INR 12.93 lakh for each year, they are more than sufficient to take care of all the requirements of the PO and their family.

Basic Pay
INR 27,620
Pay Scales Applicable
23,700 – 980/7 – thirty,560 – 1,145/2 – 32,850 – 1,310/7 – 42,020
Dearness Allowance
46.9% of Basic Pay
City Compensatory Allowance
3% – 4% depending on City
House Rent Allowance
7% – 9% depending on City/Place of Posting
Furniture Allowance
INR 1,20,000
Medical Insurance
100% lined for an employee; seventy-fifth lined for members of the family
Travelling Allowance
AC 2-tier fare is reimbursed to the worker for official travels
Petrol Allowance
INR 1,100 – 1,250
Newspaper Allowance, Entertainment Allowance, Books Allowance, etc.
Varies based on Cadre
Gross Compensation
INR 7.55 lakh – INR 12.93 lakh for each year.

An SBI PO actually gets a superior earnings package compared to most organizations within the country; but, that is not all. Working at SBI conjointly provides the PO with many different edges. Some of the advantages availed by a PO embrace –

Generous leave policy – associate SBI PO receives twelve casual leaves additionally to thirty privilege leaves, and 15 medical leaves per 365 days or 1 year.

For women, a 6-month leave is additionally allowable as maternity leave.
Leave travel concession – LTC is another profit that SBI staff will avail in an exceeding block of either a pair of years or four years.

Also, associate SBI PO could keep in an exceedingly guest house provided to them by SBI with their family in any a part of the country.

SMART compensation package – SBI is one in every of the primary banks within the country to supply a package wherever associate SBI worker (or SBI PO, in this case) may choose to participate in certain aspects of their paid package.

Constant coaching associated skilled development – the SBI PO position is an intellectually stringent one. Hence, SBI trains all its PO often and ensures that they continue to be updated with the nuances of banking often.

Hence, employment chance at SBI is kind of financially satisfying further as intellectually stimulating.

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