Priyanka Reddy rape and murder | 4 men charged in the case

Dr. Priyanka Reddy in the case: The brutal rape and murder that shocked the whole country in Priyanka Reddy rape case.
Dr Priyanka Reddy, a physician from Shamshabad and Hyderabad was found dead in a coma at Chatanpalli in Shadnagar…
Dr Priyanka Reddy, a physician from Shamshabad and Hyderabad, was found dead in a massage room at Chatanpalli Hospital in Shadnagar on Thursday morning. He worked as a doctor in the city of Kolluru.

The incident happened on Wednesday night. Four men are said to have been raped, raped and burned by Narayanpet.

Priyanka Reddy rape

Priyanka Reddy rape

Rape, victim and fire: Police

Cyberabad police arrested four people on Friday. They were identified as Mohammad Areef (driver), Jollu Naveen (white driver), Chennakeshavulu (white), Jollu Shiva (driver).

Police said the suspect was driving a drink at Shamshabad number Plaza saw Priyanka park his car, then lowered her plan to sleep. And one of them (Jollu Naveen) punched the back of a rib cage that had been ripped apart.

When the doctor returned to his skull at 9.18pm, he found that one of the tires had hit him. The prime man accusing Areef came to him with a pretext of fixing skoo. Someone else accused Jollu Shiva of taking his scooter, and the precast of his rehabilitation, and came back some time later and told him that all shops were closed.

Police said the accused later raped the girl who died as a result of the alleged assault on her nose and mouth while committing the crime. The accused wrapped the body in a blanket and took it to Shadnagar and burned the body.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner VC Sajjanar said, “Our officer took them into a guest car and checked CCTV footage. The victim was also seen on CCTV footage of the plaza. At three o’clock, the family was called back to apply. government complains. Until 5 p.m., we are looking for all the bow shops. The body was found around 7 p.m. ”

I’m scared: Priyanka said to the sister in a call

Priyanka Reddy who returned home from the hospital has gone to another hospital around 5.50 pm. He dragged his scooter down to the payroll and picked up a box.

The doctor’s younger sister told the police that her sister called her around 9.22 pm saying that she was at the toll plaza and waiting to get back her scooter from a person who took the vehicle for repair as it had a flat tyre.

Priyanka told her sister, “Just keep talking until the creeper arrives. In time, though, she stopped telling her sister that she would call soon.

His sister said Priyanka’s phone was turned off when the first person called her sister at about 9.44pm. When the family did not reach her phone, she dialed the Plaza number but did not see police complain.

Priyanka’s body was found to have burned about 25 miles from a tree clearing.

Statement by Home Minister Attracting Flak in Priyanka Reddy rape case :

Priyanka could be saved if she called the police instead of her sister, state Home Minister Mahmood Ali said. However, the priest later clarified his statement by saying that he looked like his daughter.

The Messiah said he was “deeply saddened. He said,” One person will pass on to another the most horrible atrocities imaginable.


Additional information:

The four men have been charged in the case of dangerous Priyanka Reddy, Md Pasha, Naveen from Gudigandla, a Kesavulu cleanser, and an assistant named Siva have confessed to their crimes, police said. They had fled the scene after beating the Doctor and it was reported that the accused had returned to the scene to ensure that his body had been more pronounced.

According to a report published in Telangana Today, after the body was placed in the vicinity of Chatanpally and Shadnagar between 2 pm and 2 pm, the team left the crime scene in the car and drove away. However, as Arif and Chennakeshavulu left, Shiva and Naveen, who were in the scooter, returned to the scene shortly thereafter to find out if the fire had been extinguished.

I think if the public saw any kind of incident and they take immediate action and call the police or help the girl by calling more public this Priyanka Reddy rape case type of thing can be literarily stopped.

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