New traffic rules act in India 2019 and Challan list

The Government of India recently introduced New traffic rules act in India through the Amendment (Amendment) Act 2019.

New traffic rules act in India 2019

The new traffic rules (laws) were introduced on September 1st. Since then, the news and media have been shocked by the high-paying lawsuit for unprecedented punishment.

Anyway, the rules are here to stay and it can be very difficult for a driver, driver and road safety.

Here, we share the implications of road new traffic rules reforms in India and some simple steps that will help you avoid sound rules.

New traffic rules act in India 2019 Sep 1 | New penalty amounts under Motor Vehicles Amendment Act.

New traffic rules

New traffic rules

Road rules for two Wheeler riders:

Here are some simple rules for all the cities:

Wear helmets all the time:

No matter where you are riding: whether on a highway, a town, or a road near where you live, make sure to wear a helmet. This not only saves you a good fortune but also protects your head from any injuries. If you fly with a billion piles, make sure they wear their helmets too.

Use the Indicators:

Indicators have never been a new feature in cars that people refuse to use when traveling. If you are on the safe side, always use clues and be sure to cross the road to your turning point.

Don’t take more than a million:

People take more than a million and their two-foot speed is a common sight in many cities and cities in India. What the pilots did not know was that, in doing so, they put their lives and lives at risk. This is why you should sit a thousand rides now.

Keep Your Eyes Away:

Other vehicles on the road often use signs to indicate they are turning. So, keep an eye out here and read the lines to avoid accidents.

A well-read book of Sign :

If you want to move between roaming the phone to make a phone call or something else, always use a sign to cross the left lane as you stop.

Use your research mirror:

It is common to see more people walking on the road instead of brash. Do not do that. Instead, use a mirror in your show if you want to turn the door.

India is a developing country that has grown up in many climates. As responsible citizens, we also need to contribute to the image and work towards our work by following the rules set out in the law.


New penalties:

From September one, new penalties are prescribed for carrying of excess passengers, failure to use belt and violation of rules in the seating of youngsters, violation of safety measures for motorcycle drivers and seat riders.

Refusal to prevent and submit a vehicle for advisement, use of phones in silent zones and failure to permit free passage to emergency vehicles.

Causing obstruction in the free flow of traffic will cause a penalty of Rs five hundred up from Rs fifty earlier. Expiry of driver’s licence.

As Per new motorized vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019:

A person will apply for renewal of driver’s licence any time between one year before its termination and up to at least one when its termination.

This may mean that if your driver’s licence is expiring in Gregorian calendar month 2020, then you’ll be able to apply for renewal from Gregorian calendar month 2019 until Gregorian calendar month 2021.

Solution :

If you apply for renewal when one year of termination of licence then you may be needed to and undertake the driver’s licence check all over again.


Change in residence address

Starting from September one, if you want to alter the residence address or place of business in your driver’s licence, then same are often done online and you’ll be able to apply for this to any registering authority among the state.


If your minor child controls for driving the motorized vehicle

Giving your minor kid the keys to your automobile can become a fashionable affair from September one.

As per the new law, if the motorized vehicle is employed by the kid, then the registration of your vehicle is also off for one year.

Once the amount of 1 year is over, you may get to submit a contemporary application for the registration of your vehicle.

As per the recently inserted section, 199A and 199B of the Act:

You may be punished a total of Rs twenty-five,000 and face imprisonment of up to a few years.

 New traffic rule for the minor kid, he wont be able to get his learner’s licence until the age of twenty-five. There’ll be an associate annual increase of those fines by up to percent 10.


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