Jio Plans and Jio all in one plans starting Rs 98 : 2019-20

Reliance Jio announced the All-in-One plan for its users just a few days ago. The service company described these plans as “unlimited plans and services all in one plan.” All Jio features are great for users who have problems with their Jio plans and features. All the new Jio features come with a number of players and rich data benefits.

Jio has released four plans under one all-action plan. These are priced at Rs 222, Rs 333, Rs 444, and Rs 555. The company calls these features simple, harmless and cheap on the market but we need to consider these features. to know if it really is cheap or not… Users can also extend the value of these plans up to one month to Rs 111.


Jio Plans


Plan 399 – 1.5 GB/Day   84 Days

Plan 1699 – 1.5 GB/Day  365 Days

Plan 349 – 1.5 GB/Day   74 Days

Plan 449 – 1.5 GB/Day   91 Days

Plan 98 – 2 GB                 28 Days

Plan 198 – 2 GB/Day      28 Days

Plan 398 – 2 GB/Day      70 Days

Plan 448 – 2 GB/Day      84 Days

Plan 498 – 2 GB/Day      91 Days

Plan 299 – 3 GB/Day      28 Days


Plan 509 -4 GB/Day       28 Days


Plan 799 – 5 GB/Day      28 Days

999 Long Term Pack      90 Days

1999 Long Term Pack    180 Days

4999 Long Term Pack    360 Days

9999 Long Term Pack    360 Days

Data : Jio Plans

PLANS            VALIDITY          BENEFITS

  • 11                Existing Plan       Unlimited    400 MB


  •  21               Existing Plan        Unlimited    1 GB
  • 51               Existing Plan        Unlimited    3 GB


  • 101             Existing Plan        Unlimited    6 GB


  • 251                   51 Days               102 GB

More information about Jio Plans :

NEW DELHI: Telecom Reliance Jio has regained its  149 redemption plan by delaying the accuracy and provision of data. Jio has just released a new IUC phone call for 149 new features.

Previously, the *149 fixes came with 28 days of accuracy and 42 GB of data. But now, *149 features have been changed to “”. The revised edition comes with 24 days of accuracy and offers 36 GB of data.

To call non-Jio numbers, you can purchase new voucher tickets starting at *10. Vo voucher *10 each comes with 1GB of free data.

It also receives a hundred SMS per day in addition to subscription for Jio app.

The closest competitor of the * 149 is the Char 222 pump plan that comes with 27 days of accuracy but gives you a higher data value of 56 GB. Also will receive 1,000 minutes of player calling and non-Jio numbers.

In addition, Jio offers an additional  * 198 feature that comes with 56 data benefits and 28 days of accuracy.

All features of Jio:

With a modified atụmatụ 149 Jio plan, Jio offers  * 444, 222, 333 and 555 features. Each one comes with varying periods of power and data value. They all give unlimited calls to Jio.

Following Jio’s decision to charge customers for calling non-Jio subscribers at an IUC rate of 6 units per minute, the service provider has introduced a new Jio plan to accommodate non-Jio subscribers. free of charge. .

The price of Jio’s long-term portfolio has a good 360-day working day, nearly a year, rising to * 9,999.

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